Today, we can hardly deny the fact that a person who possesses information rules the world. Information is a very valuable and sometimes expensive knowledge that can be used for the benefit of its owner; and it isn’t a secret that many enterprises and individuals use mainly wireless systems to share this useful information with their partners.

Wireless networks are widespread and used by different organizations and individuals. They provide many opportunities and benefits for their users, but at the same time bring some problems; the main issue is information security. It has become really vital because at present a hacker can get access through one wireless laptop used by the company to its whole network.

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For professional hackers wireless networks are relatively easy to crack into if appropriate security measures are not introduced. Thus, it is extremely important for people to find effective wireless security means to protect their valuable information against unauthorized access.

It is really difficult to guard information, because cracking methods have become very sophisticated and innovative, but it is possible. Though I’m not a specialist in this sphere, I think that in order to prevent negative effects of information disclosure, enterprises can use only local networks to store useful information and it’s better to divide it into separate blocks so that employees had access only to a definite part of information that is necessary to perform their work.

I believe that it is possible to use wireless systems to share useful information if the company takes all the necessary measures to prevent its disclosure. Wireless systems security should be one of the main branches of the company’s activities if it wants to compete successfully on the market.