Breaching of data is not only an invasion of privacy but also a crime where important files are stolen for blackmail but also for certain purposes. The lectures describe the scale of data breach and how it is perceived to be an attack on the platform of technology. With the introduction of technology comes a time when crime related to technology also would pave the way for other forms of security. With the introduction of data breaches, there are also kinds of them that affect privacy on various levels (Bassett et al., 2021). This is what we call the attack on an abstract level.

I think the DBIR (data breach investigation report) provides insight into the side-effects and the levels it can cause to anyone ranging from a person to an institution or the state level. It puts into simpler words that if the action that is carried out is huge, then a level threat can be used against the state. Files like nuclear codes or when the amount of weaponry or even the data which has all the systemic function of the banks or assets present in one state has all the information (Bassett et al., 2021). It can help in destroying a single nation without any act of violence against it.

But there are loopholes to be discussed like for example, if we assume a terrorist attack, it can be from any country or nationwide. There is also room for what kind of malware or viruses are going to be used in the near future that would affect the system. Let’s say Artificial intelligence is the future; how will they be protected, and what levels of security are required to ensure no one has the advantage of the technological power. Further research can be done on coding and language that is only solely based on the computer system for them as the people operating behind them to understand the use and the inability to tell it to others.

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