Sometime ago human cloning was just a science fiction creator’s imagination, but nowadays it is a part of everyday life. Human and animal cloning became known to the public quite recently, but it has been in progress for many decades. Moreover, cloning is a very beneficial thing for our and future generations. The idea of cloning has come to the famous German scientist in 1938. His name was Hans Spemann and he believed that all live organisms can be easily reproduced.

According to the theory of Hans Spemann, every “nucleus” (central part of cell) had genetic basis for the organism structure. It is worth to say that in 1935 Hans Spemann got the Nobel Prize for this discovery. This notion got the name “Bio of Hans” or “organizer effect”.

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After Hans Spemann’s success a great number of other efforts took place. To be precise – 277 failures were observed. But finally sheep Dolly was presented to the public. The group of scientists, who worked on Dolly’s creation, described the process. They removed some cells from an adult sheep. Next step was removal of nuclei from the cell in order to put them into a dormant state. Then, using the electrical charge, they opened the pores of the cells.

Dolly was born in July in 1996. The world has seen this magnificent creation in February in 1997. The sheep was named after Dolly Parton (country singer). It is well-known that Dolly wasn’t the only one cloned live organism. The scientists have also worked on producing herds of cows.

Cows with human genes were created in order to get milk which contains human proteins. Hemophiliacs, who are in strong need of blood-clotting factors, will be provided with them. All they have to do is drink this milk. More and more researches are performed in the area of cattle cloning in order to produce milk, which will help those, who suffer from emphysema and fibrosis.

The foremost benefit of plants cloning is the fact that it is possible to create genetically altered plants with high resistance to insects, viruses and bacteria. They will live longer and have better qualities.

Cloning animals will help scientists to study more effectively all diseases related to human genetics (for instance, Down’s Syndrome). Moreover, we may never need the human organs transplantation if we have an opportunity to use transgenic animals.

The scientists have worked on cloning process with caution and respect. Thanks to their work, numerous diseases will be cured, the childless couples will have a chance to become parents and, just like at the end of a good movie, evil will be defeated!