It is well-known that medical cannabis has been used to cure many medical conditions for a long period of time already. Among the diseases medical cannabis can help to treat, there are nausea, glaucoma and anorexia. It is also possible to use medical cannabis during the processes, which accompany medical diseases treatment, such as cancer chemotherapy.

What about doctors? Do they believe in the marijuana treatment power for the illnesses?

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The majority of physicians will tell you they do not believe that marijuana or medical cannabis have treatment effect but for several cases. That’s the result of the misinformation, which is coming from all the possible information sources. This actually started in 1937 in the United States of America, where it was highly propagated.

Let’s take a closer look at the main medical conditions, when marijuana is recommended to be used for treatment.

Is it really effective to use marijuana to treat nausea? Yes, it is. The point is that only few marijuana smoke puffs are necessary for the patient. There are no other side effects observed. Moreover, using medical marijuana can help in appetite increase, which means you get two benefits at the same time – you get an opportunity to get rid of nausea and have good appetite.

Is it possible to treat glaucoma using medical cannabis? Using medical marijuana can help to decrease intraocular pressure, which actually causes glaucoma or its pathogenesis. Thanks to its effect, medical cannabis will be widely used in a very short period of time in this area.

One of the most significant questions concerning medical effects of cannabis is an opportunity to inhale without smoking marijuana. There are people who experience lungs/throat irritation, when they smoke. The best way to inhale it for such people is to vaporize it. Medical cannabis is put into a chamber. Then it is exposed to a very high heat level. As a result, the compounds are turning into gas. The patient has to breathe it as if he’s breathing air from the balloon. That’s the whole principle of vaporization. This alternative medical cannabis usage was officially recommended by the American Institute of Medicine.