A lot of health care workers are worried about the problem of lack of physical activity all over the world, which is quite understandable. Modern kids’ obesity is increasing all over the world, bringing potential problems for them when they become adults. Health ramifications caused by obesity problem are the reasons why kids face different types of diseases when they grow up (hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, cancer). Parents are the only ones who can prevent their kids from such sufferings. That is why it is vitally important to understand the whole importance of physical activity and all consequences of its absence.

It’s no wonder that kids believe that nothing will ever happen to them and their health, that is why parents have to explain them the main benefits of physical activity. It is possible to start with the idea that those kids who like doing exercises, look much better than the ones who have motionless way of life. Moreover, physical activity is a good helper when it is necessary to overcome some sort of anxiety or stress. It can help kids go through depression and feel the energy of life in their busy days.

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There’s also social effect that physical activity brings into the life of every child. When children participate in different sport clubs, they get an opportunity to make friends with the other kids and find their best friends there!

Physical activity causes long-lasting effects and that’s the main advantage of it.

It helps to maintain an appropriate weight which in future will prevent illnesses and positively influence self-confidence. Kids, who devote much time to regular physical activities, grow up feeling comfortably with their bodies. Their self-esteem is transferred to the other areas of their life and helps them to get more and more friends because, as it is well-known, friendship which starts in the childhood can last till the end of life.

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