Benito Mussolini was born on July 29, 1883 in Dovia di Predappio village, which is located in Northeastern Italia. There were two more kids in the family. Thus, Benito wasn’t alone and had a sister named Edvige and a brother named Armaldo. Little kids used to fight for different pretty things, but still they lived happily. Benito was brought up in an intelligent family, as his mother Rosa Malteni was a highly respected teacher at local school. The father of the boy, Allesandro Mussolini, a blacksmith and a committee socialist, was strong and brave person. The name Benito, which was given to the boy, came from the Mexican Revolutionary Juarez. Nevertheless, Benito grew up without any sort of manners and what is more, felonious and ill-behaved. Benito was constantly bullying the other kids at school and as a result he was the participant of every possible fight with children.

The childhood of internationally famous dictator passed in one of the poorest regions. When he was a schoolboy, he has always been very quiet and never trusted his classmates. Every single thought, each feeling he kept to himself, which is why nobody could ever get into close contact with the boy. It was impossible to call him a class mixer. Benito has never wanted to become a sort of clown, which is why he never laughed. Nobody ever saw him on the front part of the class. Benito spent his school years at the back of the classroom reading a book or mused upon something known to him only. Playing with the other kids wasn’t of a special interest for him. Benito was growing up being surrounded by many political philosophers, who didn’t even realize the moment, when they urged him on the first thoughts concerning socialism, anarchism and other rebellious thoughts.

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To cut the long story short, Benito had very aggressive and violent temper. To my mind, the personality of sadistic leader, who used tyranny, incarceration and even assassination in order to keep power in his hands, was formed in very auspicious conditions, which is a clear evidence that family influence is original and deep-rooted.