The name of George Washington has been already known for almost 250 years. As the first president of the USA, he played a major role in the early shaping of the American nation ant its principles. Writing about such a famous person is a great choice, as you can take a chance to educate yourself and tell others about Washington, his ideas and life.

Of course, you won’t write about his every step. It’s better to select one the most interesting subjects and make a detailed research within its scopes. I’d like to suggest you several points, which can help you to order your ideas and decide on an exact topic.

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Contribution. George Washington made many contributions in the early birth of America and he was absolutely sure which action would be the best for both the current time and the future. His great achievements had a strong influence on the future development of the country.

Characteristics. The first president of America was very intelligent, resolute and organized. Apart from his leadership style, at the same time he was a simple man, who carefully listened to his supporters. Find out what were the other his key streaks, which helped him in his victories and achievements.

Personal life. How many facts do people know about the President’s private life? The main focus is on the political side of his life, but the private one has no less interesting points. For example, there were childhood stories of chopping down his father’s cherry tree or skipping a silver dollar across the Potomac River.

No matter what topic you choose, I’m sure that during you researching work on such a legendary person you will learn many important life lessons and realize that George Washington created a reasonable model for every American to follow and, despite some his bad decisions and failures, he succeeded in all respects.