From my point of view, the Twelfth Night is a very fascinating and charming play, as well as its main character Viola. When reading the comedy, I admired this lady and the way she acted in the situations she had to face. Viola, to my mind, is a collective character of a Renaissance person. She is active, brave, and generous. In addition, she is well-educated and very beautiful. She is the queen of her life, and even when she finds herself in quite a strange situation and in unfamiliar environment, she is smart enough to choose the best strategy quickly, meanwhile, charming all the people around her.

It is after the shipwreck, when we meet our heroine for the first time. She managed to get to the shore and appears in Illyria. Viola finds out all the necessary details about the country she happens to be in and realizes that a man can be more unrestricted in his actions than a woman. She finds male clothes and becomes a servant and a friend to local duke Orsino.

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In a course of her advantages, Viola under the name of Cesario acts as a bright and penetrating person, who can easily see lies and pretence in people and who is very devoted to her lord, with whom she, eventually, fells in love.
Viola managed to be a winner in a very difficult situation. She stayed in perfect relations with all the people she got to know and conquered the duke with her wit and beauty. I think this magic combination of power and femininity that helped Viola, is a perfect mixture for any woman.