The Odyssey is the entire story of how Odysseus got back home after the Trojan War in Greek mythology. The story narrates the various different trials and tribulations Odysseus had to go through during his adventurous journey home. The very first place he goes to is the land of the Ciconians. He destroys the village with the help of his men, but the next day he is defeated in battle, as more Ciconians arrive at the scene. Although some of his men are killed, he escapes with the rest of his people and goes to the land of the lotus-eaters. Some of his men want to stay behind after tasting the plant, but Odysseus manages to draw them away.

He then comes to the home of Polyphemos, which is a huge Cyclops. Polyphemos is also a cannibal and Odysseus with his men gets trapped in his cave. The Cyclops eats some of Odysseus’ men, while he and the rest of them manage to escape. He then lands on the island of Aeolus, who is the Keeper of the Winds. He gets help from Aeolus who sends the right winds and makes him go towards his home in Ithaca. Odysseus almost reaches home before a hurricane blows him off course again and he is prevented from reaching home.

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Odysseus again goes through a number of increasingly difficult situations until the end of the story when he finally manages to reach home and be united with his wife. Throughout the story, it looks like it is a hopeless Odyssey as whatever the heroes do; they are defeated or struggling with some supernatural and strong creatures. But Odysseus manages to stay focused no matter what the situation is and finally emerges as a real winner. So, maybe his Odyssey is not as hopeless as it seems?