A lion is chasing a herd of antelopes, the predator stretches in an attempt to catch its prey, the strong and healthy animals escape, but the weakest one is torn into pieces with claws. This is how natural selection process works. This is how our civilization developed, scientists claim. But is it really what determines the future of the mankind? I firmly believe that the process of natural selection when applied to people is much more complicated than the idea of the strongest individual surviving.

To start with, the history of our civilization proves that the strength is definitely not the most important human quality. If we consider Sparta, which was famous for its citizens to be physically flawless, we will find out, that it was the only Ancient Greek state which could not boast of a single philosopher. The basic principle of the natural selection was made into a law with only the strongest babies given the chance to survive, however, this artificial implementation of the idea proved to be harmful.

When people find themselves in critical circumstances, such as wars, natural disasters and epidemics, what saves them is not the strength, but the compassion and the mutual help. Let’s consider the dedication of doctors who contaminated themselves with viruses in order to try a new vaccine, the bravery of rescue times who risk their life saving people trapped in destroyed buildings after the earthquakes. This is what makes people human beings, but this is something quite different from the natural selection idea.

I firmly believe that the natural selection process stopped being the dominating principle of the human evolution the day a human being felt the first emotion and had the first thought. Nowadays, civilization develops not due to this principle, but in spite of it. And this is what makes us different from the animals.