Good education has already become one of the biggest life advantages. No matter what school you are studying at, there are several basic factors, which influence your academic success. They are: family background, willingness to learn, ability to learn, learning environment and some others.

The main factor among the rest, to my mind, is the capability of people who are longing for learning process. Once some man said: “You can take the horse to the water, but you won’t be able to make it drink”. Those students who have strong desire to learn will always be able to overcome all difficulties of the high-school leaning process. Perseverance is a good quality, which is the guarantee of future competence necessary to achieve all aims.

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On the other hand, family plays a significant role in high school education. As the matter of fact, the students who come from the families, where learning was of a great value, have better encourage to work, than the rest. Happy families do their best in order to make children concentrate on the learning process, which will eventually lead to the highest results. It is advisable for the parents to lend a helping hand for their kids with their homework.

Students’ achievements are usually influenced greatly by the learning environment they are surrounded with. If you have friends with bad manners, you will never be encouraged to become better, while progressive friends will always be able to facilitate improvement of your results more and more.

Teachers play an important role in the academic progress of students. With their dedicated teaching they have an opportunity to change pupils for the better. That is why many people think that education is any country’s foundation.

All in all, everything is in the students’ hands. Of course, they are not…