The recent recession has managed to divide people into two categories. On the one side, there are those that have been totally devastated by the recession. Many have lost their jobs, homes, while some – even their families. They were the victims of negative circumstances, which were compounded by the recession. On the other side, there are those that made tremendous progress in the midst of this recession. Some have had job promotions and pay raises. Others have had their best years of business success during this period. Some have been able to make excellent profits by making valuable investments and acquisitions in the stock market and real estate.

Let us consider the story of a salesman that was sent to a tribal island to sell shoes. When he landed on the island, he found that no one ever wore shoes in there. So, he called his office back to arrange for his return, as he could think of no way to sell shoes to these people. The company arranged for his return. They then sent another salesman to the same island. When this man arrived there, he also found that no one ever wore shoes. So, he called back to his company and asked them to send ship loads of shoes, as he could sell them to all the people on the whole island.

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This shows that two people can be in the same situation, facing the same problem, but one can see it as a liability, whereas the other – as a great opportunity. The recession has been one more opportunity to see this kind of difference in human reactions. For some, the recession is not over yet. For others, the opportunity is not over and, probably, will never be.