It is important to recognize that economic development is not the only factor that influences the quality of people’s lives. Quality of the environment is one of the most significant factors as well. Clear water and unpolluted air are the basic elements which are vital for the life quality.

The basic statement that sustainable economic development is probable only along with the natural resources conservation is the core of the environmental question. The main point is that it is extremely important to render assistance for the developing countries in the environment conservation and protection.

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Economic, humanitarian and foreign policies are of a great value on the way to environment’s quality improvement and natural resources’ sustainable yields promotion.

Every region should be unique with its qualities of environment, including physical, cultural and biophysical areas. In order to achieve such state, the most innovative western and customary tenure systems should be implemented and the most proper cultural norms should be involved. On one hand, it guarantees the best environmental conservation systems maintenance all around the globe. But on the other hand, the usage of western and traditional tenure systems can influence obvious pathways to the economic investment.

Thus, economic planning concerning the environmental conservation should be done carefully, taking into consideration every small aspect. We should always keep in mind that our life depends on the environment’s quality and if we will implement productive methods of environmental damage prevention, it is possible to eliminate a lot of illnesses and change our life for the better.