Is Mission Statement Useful for the Company Development?

Mission statement is basically the statement of the purpose the company has. It guides the actions of the organization’s staff and provides a sense of direction for the people working in it. To my mind, mission statement is not simply useful for companies, but is one of the most necessary parts any organization should possess in order to work effectively and productively. Below I will explain why I think so.

It is very important for people to understand the reasons and goals of their actions. When they do something without a clear reason, they do it not efficiently enough, and often don’t achieve the necessary goals. This feature of people’s world perception becomes evident even in the early childhood, as in this age children also don’t do what they don’t understand. It is the main reason why children don’t stop to do what they are doing, even if their parents start getting annoyed or yell at them. Wise parents know that in order to reach their goals and bring up polite and well-behaved children, they shouldn’t make them do or not do something by yelling at them – they know that if they explain to them everything, it will be much more effective and useful.

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The same goes for the companies – if people understand what they are working for, they are sure to achieve success in life.