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Presentation of Business Pioneer (case study Bill Gates)

Bill Gates: A Business Pioneer

Bill Gates is arguably the most admired entrepreneur and business pioneer in the 20th and 21st centuries, given his self-developed wealth, which has surprised the world. Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft Corporation, a company that specializes in computer software and applications, and which has produced some of the world’s richest billionaires, according to Forbes magazine. Bill gates is perhaps one of the most notable business pioneers in the modern world, considering that fact that he started the company from scratch, and steered it towards its current status as one of the world’s biggest corporations as far as sales, profitability and fortunes are concerned.

Bill Gates stated his business career as a young person, aged 13. However, his business mind did not show up until he was able to develop the first practical computer software while in high school. Bill gates built his software company in 1970s, and made it one of the most successful business organizations in the world. He started the company as a small business, but with the realization that the industry was still evolving, Bill gates decided to take full force of software development (Geisst 2009). He even went on to sacrifice his education at Harvard University as a student lawyer to become the leading software developer in the world. His real genius in technology and business was his acumen in business. He realized the need to utilize his programming talent in business and make use of the available opportunity because the computer industry was lagging and underdeveloped. Together with Paul Allen, the innovator turned his talent from just a practice in his university room to a real company with billions of dollars in just ten years (Geisst 2009). Today, the company employs a large number of persons either directly or indirectly. Of importance, though, is the fact that the largest number of computers in the modern world run under Microsoft owned operating system office and internet browsers (Geisst 2009).

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