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Lungs of the Earth are Being Destroyed

No matter where you live, in a city or a village, the destruction of forests will affect your life in a great manner. Minerals, energy and lumber were the main recourses of a great value that rainforests have been providing the humankind with.

If the process of destroying rainforests won’t stop in the nearest future, it may lead to destroying of these valuable materials, which are extremely necessary for people. Rainforests are also a huge source of rubber, nuts and oil. It is well-known that one of the most important export products for Brazil are nuts and for the South Americans coffee has become one of the main financial sources. When people learned how to use rubber for their own benefits, there appeared a huge demand for it and the Amazon became one of the biggest rubber providers in the whole world.

Even nowadays the Amazon is still the biggest provider of rubber. The problem is that forest destroying decreases greatly the rubber amount supplied by South America. Besides, it is important to mention that the plants found is the rain forests can be of a great value for many people in the world. For example, the Kayapo (people who live in the Amazon) have huge dependence upon the Amazon plants. A team of scientists decided to make a research on the area where Kayapo people live and they have found 1200 plants there, 98% of which the Kayapo people use in their everyday life.

There’s also a great number of plant species that scientist haven’t researched yet. But it is already well-known that a huge number of these species could become real helpers in AIDS and cancer treatment. A great number of plants have been already used in medical area.

If the forests are destructed, it will be impossible to give any predictions concerning what would happen then, especially what climate effect we will face, as it is well-known that rainforests provide us with fresh air. The majority of trees in the rainforests remove carbon dioxide of large amount from the air we breathe in. They store it in their leaves and roots.

Although it is impossible to predict what is going to happen when all rainforests are gone, now it is possible to say that nothing good will ever happen in this case.

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Checked: 20 Jan 2018
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