Writing a marketing essay presupposes a certain style and certain principles of writing. First of all, when you start writing, you have to define for yourself what topic you are going to deal with and try to imagine the problem you write about to be in real life. I assure you, it makes the situation much easier. Once you stop thinking about a certain matter as some kind of abstract mathematical problem and imagine how all this looks or would have looked in reality, you will immediately find out many inconsistencies and sheer stupidities that otherwise avoided your attention. For example, once I had to read an essay in which the author proposed to combine the subsidiaries of an international corporation, located in different parts of the world, in one place for better coordination of policies. Though, it may look like a valid decision if you look for the answers to an abstract question “How to make the coordination between the different elements of a company easier”. In real life, however, it instantly turns into sheer and utter nonsense.

Be practical, be down-to-earth. You are not studying literature here, so you are supposed to be concise, matter-of-fact and realistic. Although your teacher understands that you are very unlikely to come up with some brilliant, novelty decision that no head of industry ever produced so far, but you are an economics student and have a sufficient amount of knowledge to give a suggestion, a solution or an idea that fits into the principles of economics. Show what you know, demonstrate your skills and erudition and your tutors will notice it.

Stress the importance of your topic from the very beginning, make the reader interested in what you are going to say next. Most importantly – be original, don’t copy texts and ideas from other authors. There is nothing more humiliating, than to be discovered at picking other people’s brains.