From the various learning materials that have been provided, I have selected the video presenting the story of Eva Kor in her spiritual journey, and forgiving our enemies. At the age of 10 years in 1944, Kor together with her family was arrested for being Jewish. They were taken to Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp where within moments, together with her twin sister Miriam, they lost the entire family to the gas chambers without the opportunity to say goodbye to them. They were spared because of the belief that twins were valuable for conducting research. In the film, she narrates her experiences and the thoughts that developed in her mind after the occurrence of the killing incident. Various aspects can be learned from this material, especially about public memory. For example, one aspect that I have learned is that pubic memory has an instrumental role to play, especially when it comes to keeping past events alive.

In this case, even though the incidents happened 50 years before when she was only 10 years of age, Kor can narrate what happens and express her feelings and experiences in the best way possible. Finally, another aspect that stood out for me in this film is the aspect of forgiveness that she emphasizes. Kor forgave everyone that was involved either directly or indirectly in killing her family. She asserts in the film that forgiveness is a seed for peace while anger, on the other hand, is a seed for war. It is important to note that the Holocaust claimed millions of Jewish lives. Therefore, without the seed for peace which is forgiveness that she is talking about in the film, people would still be at war prompted by the need to revenge against the people that were responsible for such killings. I therefore, believe that this is an important aspect that can help in shaping the way that people live in society.

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