Let us recall what long distance relationships were like in the past – let’s say, two hundred years ago. She writes a long letter to her lover, sprays some perfume on it, then sends it and waits for long days to hear back from him. He spends weeks or even months waiting for any news from his darling, maybe looking outside his window longing for the post carriage. All of that was so moving and romantic, yet so unreliable.

As the time passed by, the communication means between people were becoming more and more convenient. Postal services became more reliable. Telephone was invented and people from different parts of the world became able to hear each other’s voices.

This is all nothing compared to what is going on now. I travel abroad a lot and my mom always worries, even though I call her each day to say I’m fine. She wants to actually witness it. Now in order to do that, all I need to do is turn my laptop on and connect to the Internet. It can’t be easier. We can talk for free in any parts of the world; she can make sure I am totally alright, and everybody is happy.

Internet is the greatest invention of the past century. It completely changed our life in so many ways, especially communication-wise. When you use Internet, it doesn’t matter how far your interlocutor is. There are no more borders and cultural aspects. It gives the feeling that we all live in one big neighborhood and know each other personally.

Of course, there is certain negativity caused by the web. But if you look at the broad picture – Internet is the means of bringing people from all over the world closer to become one big family.