Five years ago I decided to get my driving license: I enrolled on a course at a driving school, spent two months learning the traffic rules and a month driving, passed my driving test and… in less than a month got into a car accident. It was not exactly my fault, but I was definitely not experienced enough to maneuver successfully in a busy rush hour traffic. Could this accident have been prevented? For sure.

The easiest way to ensure road safety is to teach young drivers something more than a superficial idea of what driving is. A safety driving education course must provide an opportunity to drive with an instructor for not less than a year. On the one hand, this will ensure learners get enough support from the instructor who can reveal certain secrets of driving. On the other hand, they will get a wonderful opportunity to practice driving in different weather conditions, which is crucial if we consider the fact that more than a half accidents happen due to rain, snow or ice.

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Moreover, such a course usually includes intensive practice on a training ground, when a learner can see what happens to a car in case of emergency braking, try controlled skidding and get the idea of the differences in rear and front steering. This means that in real life he or she will react faster and is likely to avoid the accident.

In addition, a large part of any safety driving course is devoted to the safety measures that any driver must observe. So, one can watch the documentaries on why it is of utmost importance to use safety belts, child seats and hands-free mobile devices. Having seen the consequences of violating the safety rules, young drivers are sure to become more responsible.

In my opinion, a safe driving education course is a simple, yet effective and reliable method to reduce the number of car accidents, which all young drivers are likely to benefit from.