How often do you watch TV? I know two kinds of people. First ones do not even have a TV set at home, not to mention cable and all the other applications. The second type always has it on. It seems, they simply cannot be in a quiet room.

As for me, I have TV at home. I pay for satellite and have over a thousand. Still, it is definitely one of the things I shouldn’t be paying for because I barely turn my TV on. I have MTV on when I clean my house or listen to a rock music channel in the morning instead of alarm, and that’s it. And wouldn’t radio be enough for those purposes?

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For all the others television functions, such as news broadcasting, movies and shows watching, I usually use Internet. Isn’t it more convenient to watch what you want and when you want? I mean, there are very clear advantages TV does not have – like better selection, no censorship, in a lot of cases – better quality, no advertising, and like I just have mentioned – no timing.

But the one thing you need to do when you go online – you have to put an effort in picking and then finding what you are interested in. And who wouldn’t agree that sometimes we are just too lazy to do that.

The way I see it, for that reason millions of families all over the world could not imagine their life without TV. And I believe that is why I pay for my satellite.

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