The profession of a teacher has been one of the most important and responsible ones in the history of mankind. A lot is changing in course of time, but the essence of a teacher’s vocation remains the same. He has to guide a person through the early stages of life and help children and teenagers form a strong personality and understand different unwritten laws of society. Below I will present the main criteria of teachers’ evaluation from my point of view.

First of all, teacher has to possess extensive knowledge in the field of his competence. It is of high importance for him to be able to explain every nuance of his subject and answer all the possible questions. Thus, the main criterion is profound knowledge of subject.

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Besides, a teacher has to have rich background information and be able to properly apply it, i.e. to present the information to his pupils, but not to show students that they are inferior as in comparison to him.

Teacher has to be very interested in the subject he/she is teaching, as without interest in the corresponding field, he won’t be able to engage his students into active participation in class and won’t interest students in this subject. It is clear that without vivid favor of what one does, it is impossible to work productively and achieve great results.

He or she has to be fair and should always try to understand each and every student, which is why basic psychological knowledge is vital. Each of the students has different personality and it is important to know how to approach each kind of character, how not to offend him/her and control assignments’ performance in the best way.

On balance, a teacher has to be an energetic, professional, open-minded and nice individual without any prejudiced views. It is a pity that as of today there are not so many such teachers in our society. I strongly believe that formulation of our children’s world perception is not the kind of expense economy is appropriate in.