Doctors are some of the most highly paid professionals all over the globe. Especially in the developed countries, doctors can earn extremely high salaries and become wealthy. The medical profession is therefore highly sought after by many youngsters in an effort to achieve success in life. Of course, there is nothing wrong in becoming rich. Everyone wants to prosper and improve their status in life. But when it becomes the sole purpose and takes precedence over everything else, life can go out of balance. Since the medical profession is a noble vocation, doctors need to keep their priorities right and focus more on service, than gaining wealth.

In many third world countries, there are doctors who provide medical care totally free of charge. Many patients in villages and remote areas may not be able to afford the fee for medical care. Doctors therefore provide free treatment to these people. Of course, most of them would be practicing in cities or towns, where they can earn enough money. They would then use some of their time and resources to provide free treatment to these needy people in villages and suburban areas.

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This effective treatment model need not be restricted to third world countries alone. It can also be adopted in developed countries, where the cost of medical care is extremely high. Not everyone is covered by medical insurance in developed nations. So many people desperately need medical attention, but cannot afford it. If doctors in these countries can learn from their counterparts in underdeveloped nations and provide free treatment for those who cannot afford it, a large number of people can benefit from it. All they need to do is allocate an hour or two everyday to provide free treatment. A group of doctors can even get together and start a small medical facility that provides free treatment for the needy. You can but agree that this would improve the situation with medical help rendering a lot.