Where Is It Better to Live – in the Mountains or Near the Beach?

For me there is no dilemma in this question, as from my childhood till now I don’t like vocations spent at seas and don’t really enjoy swimming and sunbathing. And thus, living on the beach is not so tempting for me. Why? I think, I am just bored there and don’t understand those people who are ready to spend hours lying in the sun and doing nothing. For me it seems like a huge waste of time.

I am very energetic and active person with lots of interests and what I like to do most is spend my time efficiently, be it studying, or entertainment. There are a couple of things that are appealing for me in sea, but the feeling of wasted time outweighs them without a doubt. The main thing I love in such vocations is walking along the beach, but I would never exchange a trip to mountains for this walking.

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When I go on vocation to the mountains, I feel great. Not simply great, but complete and absolute great. When I am at the peak, I feel that I am free, strong and satisfied with life. I look at all the beauty and understand how big this world is and how many opportunities there are. Both my body and mind are relaxed and after such trip I am ready to finish all my incomplete tasks and set about new ones.

On the whole, I am always excited about going to the mountains and if I were to choose between the two options, I would choose this one. But at the same time, I am really used to living in the city, and I’d rather go to the mountains on vocations to relax and get prepared for future challenges.