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Genetically Engineered Food: Friend or Not?

Genetically engineered products become a more and more pressing concern of everyday’s life. It grows increasingly popular to write something like “Does not contain GMO” on foodstuffs, but can we believe it? And, after all, does it actually matter?

To tell the truth, nobody can say this for sure. Although the issue of genetically modified food has appeared over two decades ago, large scale testing programs have been carried out and the production of GMO has become a usual thing in many countries, nobody can give a direct answer to the question whether GMO are harmful. What is more important, any definite answer can hardly ever be given in future, for, if consuming genetically engineered food leads to certain consequences, which are not apparent by now, who can know when they will reveal themselves? They may appear ten years, or fifty years, or a century of consuming them.

Modern science is not capable of comprehending to the full extent the implications of intrusion into natural processes. Every single kind of living beings has appeared as a result of these processes, which went on during millions of years, and now human changes them at will without knowing for sure to what it may eventually lead. Of course, the usage of genetically engineered food is a way out for underdeveloped countries, economy of which cannot support their growing populations, and they are very eager to use anything that will help them rise. But who knows what it will do with their people in a couple of decades? Only time can answer this question. The fact that there is no comprehensive evidence of GMO being definitely harmful is not the reason to give it the benefit of doubt. It is dangerous to meddle with the things we do not fully understand.

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Checked: 19 Jan 2018
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