Have you ever heard stories about people who could have been saved if one of their failed organs was transplanted? These stories had rather a tragic end. Well, they are true, and such cases happen everyday.

What seems to be the problem? You might assume it is all about money, for such operations are very costly, but often this is not the case. The thing is people do not give it much thought, until they have to face it in their own life. All of the people who pass away each day are potential donors, but most of them do not leave behind any message regarding their attitude towards this issue, and therefore, do not make it possible for their organs to be of use to others.

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The amount of people currently waiting for a life saving organ transplant is tremendous.
Can you imagine what it must feel like for a 5-year-old boy to wait for months knowing that if he is going to live or die depends on whether a donor will be found? Can you imagine what it feels like for his parents?

So, what can be done to improve the situation? Every person can help by choosing to donate their organs after they die. You won’t need them anymore and somebody else could have many years added to their life. It would also give comfort to your own family, knowing that their beloved one did a noble thing and influenced somebody else’s life to such an enormous degree, even if it’s after their death.

Instead of talking profusely about making a contribution to society, you could actually do it by becoming an organ donor, and giving somebody the biggest gift imaginable – the gift of life.