Sexual education is a component of the general process of educational work in schools and in families, which shall provide correct sexual development of children and youth.

It is possible to explain necessity of sexual education by presence of the following problems:

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  • Accelerated sexual development of the modern teenagers.
  • Sexual debauchery and frequent adolescent pregnancy among minors.
  • Considerable quantity of venereal diseases, including HIV and AIDS, and their constant increase.
  • Existence of prostitution and sex delinquency.
  • Insufficient level of knowledge among underaged in the field of sexual hygiene and development.

The pornographic literature, films and other obscene materials destroy mentality of the minors. Presence in the social environment of a significant amount of transvestites and persons of nonconventional sexual orientation testifies to serious problems in their psychosexual development from the early childhood. All that stuff spills into unpreparedness of many young men to find a family and to perform husband’s duties that in future can lead to divorces.

The family carries out a leading role in training a boy to be a man and a girl to be a woman, whereby child realises itself as representative of his gender according to anatomic features.

The longer parents preserve children against contact with an intimate aspect of life, the more probability of an emotional shock and sexual aversion is when the child eventually learns about sex as a result of street education. The better the teenager is guided by necessity of control and self-respect, the better he can manage his own acts and desires.

Correct and delicate sexual education sets as its purpose not baring the human relations, but emancipation from false sense of shame by the teenager, forming the respect of the major side of human life – mutual relations between men and women.