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Bermuda Triangle – The Greatest Mystery the Ocean Hides

Bermuda Triangle, or the Devil’s Triangle, is one of the most mysterious regions of the Earth. The patch of the Atlantic Ocean, allegedly triangular in shape, has been blamed for an unusual number of mysterious incidents, generally – disappearances and discoveries of ships deserted by their crews. There is a great many theories explaining it, ranging from unusual natural phenomena (e.g., magnetic abnormalities or uncharted oceanic streams) to gateways to parallel universes and activities of extraterrestrial creatures. Some people even state that it is one of the alleged Vile Vortices, twelve roughly evenly placed regions of the Earth characterized by paranormal happenings, the most well known being the Bermuda Triangle itself, and the Devil’s Sea near the coast of Japan. However, the majority of scientists state that the matter is very much exaggerated and the Triangle is no more mysterious than any other part of the World Ocean.

The most notable occurrence in the Triangle is the so-called Flight 19 – the training flight of five American TBM Avengers, which went mysteriously wrong and led to all of them being lost, as well as the rescue Mariner aircraft sent after them. The hypotheses concerning it again vary wildly, which is not made easier by the fact that there are a lot of so-called apocryphal versions of radio transmissions recorded after the flight, some of them featuring “white waters”, aliens, ghosts and so on. However, even without all of this, the incident is very strange.

It is hard to say, whether there is any…

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