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Earthquake Research Paper

Earthquake is one of the most horrific and devastating natural phenomena, which can cause great damage to the areas it take place in, prolonged economic chaos, and even kills scores of innocent people. The worst thing is that this incredible destructive force can occur quite unpredictably, as it’s a sudden slip in the earth’s crust, causing the earth to shake and bringing huge harm to society.

I see that firstly it can be a little difficult for you to define the specific topic, as this field covers many exciting aspects and each is worthy of your attention. Let’s look through some of them, as I’m sure it will help you make the right choice.

  • New technologies. As earthquake questing is very important nowadays, new technologies are being developed all over the world. They can provide better protection and give more accurate prediction of the seismic disasters. For example, using vibration control and base isolation technologies in construction.
  • Safety rules. Such information is very useful for everyone, as nobody knows where the next earthquake will occur and how to behave in this situation.
  • Bermuda Triangle. One of the versions explaining the Bermuda mystery is an underwater earthquake, as scientists have found a seismic activity in this area, which can cause tsunamis up to 100 feet high.
  • Real experience. Write your research work on a true story of a person, who has once experienced an earthquake, describing the most interesting moments.
  • Origin. What are the main reasons for seismic waves and how do scientists explain them? Do people have a direct impact on them by industry and mass building?

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