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From childhood all of us use persuasion. When we grow older, the means and methods of persuasion are changing, while the general idea is the same: to bring people to your side, to let them accept your opinion or agree with action.

In business persuasion is the foundation of success.

The better you know and understand others, the easier you will reach the purpose set for your speech. You need to know the listeners, their world and situation around. When you get to know the audience, it will be easier to consider their viewpoint. You need to put you on their place and ask the questions: If you were them, what would you feel? What would you do?

This is the key point for all persuasive speeches: when you focus on the basic interest of the person (audience) you are trying to persuade, you can succeed beyond your expectations.

Use the following tips to make your persuasive speeches effective:

First of all, set the mood to be positive. You are able to control the situation. Start from making people feel comfortable with you, create a caring atmosphere.

Then, try to mirror the person (or group of people) you try to persuade. Mirror their speech and even posture – this is a psychological trick to let other people perceive you as equal and the same.

Next, you must appeal to wants over needs. Traditional approach is to discover a need and to fill it. Still, the latest studies show that people prefer to buy wants before they buy needs. When a want is combined with need, your chances for effective persuasion are increasing.

Now, when you know these small secrets, your effectiveness as a persuasive speaker will obviously increase. So, right now you can try to write your persuasive speech and check the results.

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