The Kite Runner: Khaled Hosseini

A friend is a friend is a friend.
When I was young, I didn’t see it.
I saw the slingshot and the pomegranate tree.
I saw a boy who had to be less.
Less than worthy, less than perfect, less than me.
I saw a servant. And I ruined him.

But now that I’ve gathered a few more years,
Things are different. I look back and note:
The kite soared high above my perspective.
I see a boy who is so much less.
A boy who is scared, who is weak.
An educated idiot. And I hate him.

Sohrab, like his father before him, will pull me back up.
He will better me as a man, subconsciously.
He lost his father, the poor boy.
For he should have known Hassan.
Maybe I will better him.
Maybe he can bring redemption.
A bright young boy. And I cling to him.

A friend is a friend is a friend.
He changed me, and…

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