This research paper is the outline of the possible research strategy on the purchase analysis for a car in the United Kingdom. This paper will share the research example that drove the customer to the decision to change the purchase of the car to the motorbike. The purchase is intended to serve the needs of the delivery company. There are a number of specific requirements and aspects of sales-customer relationships that should be taken into account, when considering purchasing a car.

It is important, however, to determine the objectives and set the limitations. For the purpose of this paper we have set the following criteria:

– Price ceiling is 2000 pounds.
– Age of the care should not exceed ten years.
– Mileage should be up to 130,000 miles.

With the set basic criteria, the next logical step would be to make a research on the second hand market. After careful analysis, we have selected five top sales points that meet our criteria.

The critical requirement for the overall process is to fit the purchase in the budget of 3600 pounds. In order to make preliminary analysis of the budget against objectives, we have to consider the following elements:

– MOT price.
– Tax on the car per year.
– Insurance costs.

When adding the above criteria into the budget assumption, we found it not possible to fit this purchase in the allocated budget due to extremely high insurance price for this type of the car and the region of residence.

After careful consideration of the business needs, it was decided to compare this purchase proposition and return on investment with an option of purchasing a motor bike. As a result of this survey, the company has purchased motorbike that allowed them to fit in the allocated budget and meet the requirements of the delivery company.