Once in a while all of us have to face the necessity to go to several companies and choose the most optimal solution for different types of insurance. Whether we are talking about health, life or car insurance, the market is full of offers and it is a matter of our individual preference to identify the ideal fit in service and financial terms.

In this paper we will look specifically at health insurance plans and issues that each of us can face with, while choosing the health insurance package. The analysis of this research will be limited to and focus on the insurance plans and health insurance systems in the US. Based on primary research, we have identified the following research components:

  • Health limitations of the health insurance plan set-up.
  • Age limitations for health plan set-up.
  • Price sensitivity of the population to the health insurance.
  • Motivation factors and de-motivators for health insurance set-up.

One of the findings of this document is the controversial relation between free health system available for those who do not have established health insurance plan and governmental efforts to reduce the number of uninsured population in the US. One of the focus areas in this respect, from the writer’s perspective, is the category of people, who consciously choose not to set up health package without visible financial constraints.