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Qualities Successful Employee Has to Possess

If I were an employer, I would approach the problem of staff selection with scrutiny and much attention. I am sure that skilled workers can make a difference and secure success to any undertaking. But if the staff are not competent and don’t pay enough attention and/or not interested in what they do, the matters of the company will not progress and will eventually end up in nothing. So, what qualities should ideal candidate possess?

First of all, my employees must be proficient and expert in their fields of obligations. They have to know how to solve any problems which may arise in the work process, or they should be able to learn how to do it. The ability to learn fast and apply the acquired knowledge into practice is the quality closely related to the former one, as it can easily compensate lack of experience, without which real proficiency cannot be achieved.

Second, they have to be interested in what they do. Without it the whole work process will turn into making them do something, while they will not pay proper attention to what they do and the work will not be done properly. That’s not what I want as an employer.

Third, my workers will have to be completely devoted to their work. I will not forbid them to check private emails or surf the Internet in their interests, but I will watch how much time they will spend on such activities. I don’t need employees that have to be reminded to work – I need them to want to do what they have to and devote themselves completely to it. In such a case they won’t waste their working time on extra activities and everyone will be satisfied.

Thus, above I described the qualities that each worker has to possess, but the rest of the features depend on the necessary position. I am absolutely sure that it is better to spend proper amount of time on staff selection in order to achieve success and stand the competition.

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Checked: 21 Jan 2018
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