ANZDL in Australia and New Zealand

ANZDL in Australia and New Zealand produces rather large quantities of various details, which are used by Ford Motor Co in America. These car details surmount obstacles of 10,000 miles in order to get to their final destination on both north and south border of the USA. Every year more and more delivery spots appear according to the ANZDL schedule.
Despite all these striking facts, ANZDL continues to be one of the most stable international providers for Ford Motor Co during all over 10 years. The supplier is well chosen and already proved by 10 years of tough cooperation. The price of the details made in the Australasia is less than the costs that might appear when producing the same details in USA. By all factors quality of the production does not loose to the standard number one.

Ford Motor Co takes care about it, providing QOS every month and conducting the award programs, where ANZDL became the first ocean carrier winner. One of the major challenges of the global supply chain is a distance obstacle.

All the systems are based on the constant use of internet and electronic data interchange. Tight communication between carrier and shipper helps to provide the service on time. The stated boundaries of delivery are well over thought and worked through: port-to-door basis northbound, and vice-versa southbound. The combination of vehicles that go through the whole country works as a clock.