Career Research Is…

Career is the result of a conscious attitude and behavior in the professional field that is related to official and professional growth.

Every person develops his or her own career in accordance with the peculiarities of organizational reality and with his or her own goals and wishes.

Career in any organization depends on the employee’s desire to realize the professional qualities as well as on the company’s interest to advance its employees.

The organizations, whose leaders understand the importance of managing the business career of their employees, make a serious step towards their own prosperity. Career management makes it possible to “grow” a great specialist or leader within the organization.

There are several fundamental trajectories of career growth within the profession or organization that lead to different types of careers.

  1. Professional career is the growth of knowledge and skills. It can be developed through the enhancing of specialization in a chosen professional path or through mastering other areas of human experience which is related to the expansion of work areas.
  2. Intra-organizational career is linked to the trajectory of employee in organization. It can be vertical career (position growth); horizontal career (promotion within the organization); centripetal career (promotion to the core of the organization and deep integration into decision-making processes within the organization).