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Research Papers for College

This research paper will focus on the analysis and comparison of the education level and effectiveness of particular educational systems on the college level. The scale of the analysis is based on comparison of college education systems in the following countries: UK, USA and Germany.

The choice of the countries for this research was determined by the following factors:

• History and stability of the educational system

All three countries have deep history of the development of educational system and well-established processes in this sphere as well. This helps the analysis and allows for gathering of valuable and reliable data.

• Average level of education in the country

In order to identify the criteria for the selection of the countries for this research paper, it was decided to choose the educational systems, where graduates with college degree have relatively similar knowledge portfolio.

• Percentage of literate education in the country

Based on the Bureau of Statistics of other responsible governmental institutions, the research group performed preliminary analysis of the educational statistics in the selected countries. The objective of these criteria is to ensure that selected sample can represent the population of the research.

• Differences in the educational processes

Main target of the sample selection, apart from all the above criteria, is to choose the countries with similar college portfolio, but at the same time significant differences in the process or product design. These differences, that distinguish further effects and specifics of the education, will determine the scope of the analysis and help the writer provide recommendations and practical evaluation of the educational level and gaps in these processes in mentioned countries and educational systems.

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