Music never stagnates and every once in a while we can evidence the birth of completely or relatively new music style, driven by tastes, talents and technical advancements of the generations. Every generation has its own music style that represents them and determines major fashion trends in music as well as other aspects of life.

Looking back in the mid century, we can see rock’n’roll that was driving the generations of our grandparents and parents, then it was taken over by disco music and finally inflow into the hip hop culture of 80’s. Hip hop came into the youngsters’ culture as a rebellious reply to the limitations imposed on young people back two decades ago. Even those who believed that hip hop has significant negative influence on people, still could not but agree on the great power this music has had over generations.

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Domination of hip hop was evidenced everywhere, starting from music channels, when MTV included rap program in their daily schedule, to numerous researches and open discussions, dedicated to the hip hop music social circles. The apogee of the hip hop popularity was achieved in late nineties, when famous MC Hammer launched their new hit “Can’t Touch This”. By the end of this decade the sales on hip hop music reached record level.

On later stages hip hop started to mix old rhythms and became a part of new pop culture, developing on the edge of the…