Since I was a child I was greatly interested in the world around me in all its respects, and I tried to get the knowledge of it in all the ways possible, reading books of all kinds, from adventure and sci-fi stories to newspapers and encyclopedias, conducting my own “scientific experiments”, watching the animals, plants and insects. When I grew up it all boiled away into two distinct passions: humanities and arts, with mathematics still interesting me greatly, although I understand that it is hardly my goal in life to make discoveries in this field.

Humanities, however, really became the walk of life I have somewhat succeeded in already and intend on going on. Prize-winning places in a number of contests in the fields of English, French and German languages, Literature, Journalism plus more mundane results, like excellent record at school throughout my studies, speak for themselves.

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But, of course, academic prowess is not everything. My school provided me with a great opportunity to find and express the inclinations I never knew I had. The school newspaper “Know How” was established in 1993 with exactly this purpose in mind – to form a favorable atmosphere for the development of students’ talents. Since I got in there, I found my real interest in life – drawing. I drew illustrations and caricatures for the newspaper’s issues and a number of contests and feel that my skills in this field have grown considerably since the time I started, which may be proved by several prize-winning places in national contests. Now, when I have 7 years of drawing and more than a thousand pictures under my belt, I may say with confidence that it is what I want to do in future.

I hope that the way of life I’ve chosen will help me develop talents I have and, eventually – make this world a little bit different, a little bit better.