People have different attitudes, mindsets and outlooks in life. Most of these behavioral traits arise from their upbringing. Children normally learn by seeing what their parents do and copy them to a large extent. They don’t respond to instruction as much as they do to visual examples. When the father smokes, the child would end up smoking too, even if the father instructs the child against the habit. Thus, children are more influenced by what their parents do rather than what they say. If parents want their children to behave well, they should show this behavior on their own example and not just by instructions.

Many of the behavioral problems that we encounter among pupils at school today arise from these causes. Of course, there could be a number of other reasons too, but faulty upbringing is one of the biggest causes of these problems. Such kids not only cause problems in the classroom, but also influence other kids who are well behaved. They might talk loudly, swear and create a lot of distractions in class, which could ruin the entire atmosphere.

Anyway, swearing among students could be forgiven for this is not completely their fault. But when some teachers indulge in this activity, it becomes more serious. Just like parents, teachers are looked upon as role models for the younger generation. Their behavior needs to be impeccable as a lot of children would be following their footsteps. Thus, when teachers swear, it can have a lot of negative consequences.

Students can pick up these negative traits from them and grow up to be problem individuals. Therefore, this issue needs to be addressed immediately, and appropriate actions have to be taken to eliminate the problem.

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