Nursing Research Thesis

Research Question:

What are the main drivers to choose private vs. public nursing for people with average income of up to four minimum salaries in the state of Texas? The research is focused around this question with the main aim to get more accurate forecasting of administrative expenses for public nursing houses.

Aims and Objectives:

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The purpose of this document is to introduce the reader into the reasons, objective and value of the research on private and public nursing and present the findings and recommendations for practical application of the research in community. The objective of the research is to find out the trend and main drivers for middle class American persons to choose between private and public nursing services. This will make a significant contribution to the forecasting and cost-efficiency of public nursing houses due to better understanding of the community needs.


It was decided to limit the research scale by the following criteria:

  • Nursing is required for elderly people.
  • Nursing is paid by the family members, whose income does not exceed four minimum salaries.
  • Nursery is provided for required health care to maintain an optimal level of life till death.

The research is based on the attached questionnaire sent out to 175 families within the state of Texas, meeting all the above requirements. Detailed answers were received from 164 families and were analyzed in details and unified into groups, based on the reasons behind the choice, outlined by the respondents. Additional evaluation exercise was made to determine the influence of age, gender and race over the choice of nursing type.

The Value of the Study

The value of this study lies in better understanding of people’s needs and drivers behind the choice of nursing services. It will be of great importance to community nursing services as these data will provide them with detailed analysis and forecast tool for nursing services demands and administrative costs. The results of this research can be used for further tutoring purposes of nursing related studies.