In my opinion girls should be allowed to play on boys sports’ teams for a myriad of reasons. I will outline three major points why I think it would be advantageous for girls to play on boys’ sports teams. The first reason is to learn team collaboration with the opposite sex. In sports, children learn how to depend on one another and how to use their personal strengths to accomplish the goal of the team. With teams being comprised of girls and boys, our children can learn early the importance to build these skills. They can begin to learn how the other thinks, while opening their minds to different opinions about a collective problem.

My second point is to learn the priority of respecting others. It is crucial that we are teaching our children how to respect themselves and those around them. In sports, the strengths and weaknesses of each teammate affect the whole team. For the common goal to be attained, consideration and appreciation must be in place for everyone to make a real contribution. By allowing both girls and boys to be on the same team, this crucial understanding of camaraderie will be established since childhood.

My final reason is learning to take care for one another before “dating” age. Relationship aspects are not taught in school. However, with boys and girls working together on the same team, one can learn how to view another as a partner. Co-ed sports’ teams can set the stage for children to understand some of the extreme differences between boys and girls. The perfect goal would be to bridge the gap between the opposite sexes, and to cultivate a community of equality and collaboration. Taking the knowledge and using it to navigate their course through life will benefit them over the traditional unisex sports’ teams.

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