This idea may look ridiculous and absurd, yet be sure that there is always someone who just dreams about restricting the list of products people are allowed to eat or, on the contrary, wants to make people eat certain products. Such ideas are never about the ones who create them – they either already follow that idea or don’t care about the sphere restricted by it altogether. These people care only about changing the life of others, not their own ones.

The state, as we all know, exists for the sole purpose of protecting its citizens from outer and inner enemies. It, however, tends all the time to broaden the concept of “inner enemy” so that to include the human itself in the list of his enemies. Hence the bans on gambling, tobacco smoking, selling alcohol to teenagers, arms restrictions and so on – all these laws presuppose that the human isn’t capable of rational thinking on his own and needs to be nursed. And, what is more frightening than anything, the majority of people meet such laws with joy rather than feel offended by the fact that the state officials treat them like cattle incapable of independent thinking.

Governmental intrusion in such an intimate sphere as one’s diet means that the state we live in is a Nanny-State literally, as it considers its citizens to be too stupid to choose what to eat on their own. In fact, yes, there are kinds of food that are unhealthy and lead to various diseases if consumed in too great amounts. But they cause these diseases to the person who consumes them; it’s nobody’s business but his. If he wants to stuff himself with sugar – what right does anyone has not to let him do so?