The whole idea of imposing the usage of biofuels looks precisely like what it actually is – hysteria sponsored by governments and enforced by ecologists.

The idea of forcing the racing industry to use them looks all this plus also mad. What is it supposed to achieve? Decrease in the use of fossil fuels? All the fuel used by the racing industry is less than a drop in the ocean of what is used by usual motorists; even if all of this will be substituted by biofuels, it won’t make any difference – however difference it is supposed to make.

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Moreover, the racing industry is exactly one sphere where the biofuels can never be used. It requires high-octane, energy rich fuel which is not how you can characterize biofuel. It simply doesn’t make any sense.

And, what is more important, biofuels is not an alternative to more traditional fossil ones. They are mind-bogglingly expensive in production, require enormous amounts of fertile land that can be used for raising crops, inefficient and, all in all, a complete economic failure. If their producers weren’t heavily supported by the government, they wouldn’t stand a chance; no one simply thinks of the opportunity to do something as wasteful.

Fossil fuels will serve humanity for hundreds of years more and, if at some moment of time there will be no more of them, humanity will have an answer to this problem. Maybe it will be some kind of biofuel, maybe some completely new kind of energy. But what is completely true is that now it is not the best moment to make this change – fossil fuel is still easy to come by and will be so for many years, and the “alternative” is overpriced, inefficient, wasteful and extremely ineffective.