Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity

The title “Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity” fully conveys the content of the book. The author set a goal to help the person to overcome a creative impasse. That is why this book is intended for those who passionately want to create something but experience temporary or permanent difficulties with this.

It is hardly possible to place “Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity” in any standard frames and categories. This is a book that must be read repeatedly with carefulness.

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One of the most striking features of the book is the uncompromising approach of its author. She constantly rejects all halftones and any attempts to evade from responsibility. Everything becomes very clear and straightforward: there is a way to creativity and if someone refuses to choose it, he betrays creativity and himself. This position requires taking a very big responsibility and only few people can bear it.

The book is penetrated with a specific spiritual approach to the defined problems. But the contemporary people who lead modern life often do not want to hear about spirituality and faith, since they give their preference to pragmatic approach, economic calculations, explanations and persuasion.

Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity” depicts a huge energy charge. Julia Cameron managed to express her outlook on the pages of the book very clearly and powerfully. While reading you will notice that the path of a true artist requires significant changes in life. Even if these changes are stretched in time, sweetened with promises of success or with descriptions of positive examples, they still can be enormous and irreversible. It is impossible not to change oneself after reading this great book!