Test on the novel Catcher in the Rye

  1. The last school Holden was expelled was the Pencey Prep.
  2. True/ False

  3. Before leaving the school Holden visited Mr. Antolini
  4. True/ False

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  5. Holden is good at ice-skating.
  6. True/False

  7. Holden’s neighbor’s name is Stradlater
  8. True/ False

  9. Holden likes Richard Kinsella’s stories
  10. True/ False

  11. Holden said that there is a girl, which is terrific to hold hands with. He said this about:
  12. a. Sally

    b. Jane

    c. Phoebe

    d. Selma

  13. What Shakespeare’s play does Holden discuss with nuns?
  14. a. A Midsummer Night’s Dream

    b. Othello

    c. Romeo and Juliet

    d. Macbeth

  15. What thing reminds Holden about his dead brother Allie?
  16. a. baseball mitt

    b. baseball bat

    c. ball

    d. none of these

  17. Holden shares his idea of being “catcher in the rye” with:
  18. a. Ackley

    b. Mr. Spencer

    c. Jane Gallagher

    d. Phoebe

  19. Where does Holden invite Sally for a date?
  20. a. cinema

    b. Broadway play

    c. bar

    d. Central Park

  21. What an unusual question does Holden Caulfield ask cabmen in New York City?
  22. What irritates Holden most about Ackley?
  23. When and where did Holden meet Jane Gallagher for the first time?
  24. What does Holden like about the Museum of Natural History?
  25. Where do readers find Holden in the final chapter?


  • True
  • False
  • False
  • True
  • True
  • b
  • c
  • a
  • d
  • b
  • Where the ducks went when the lagoon in Central Park got frozen over?
  • His unhygienic habits
  • Summer holidays in Maine
  • He likes that everything remains the same. The only thing that is changed is you.
  • He is undergoing therapy in…