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To What Extent is the Use of Animals in Scientific Researches Acceptable?

Nowadays more and more animals become involved in scientific researches. There is a great number of points of view concerning this notion. Some people are against the use of animals in the science and some of them find it quite appropriate. Some people agree that it is highly important to use animals for scientific progress, while the others are longing for saving lives of the animals. Below we will consider the main facts, which will prove that it is impossible to avoid use of animals in the science researches.

Let’s take a closer look at the use of animals in the medicine area. When there are medical researches concerning new viruses discovery taking place, it is important to find out how this or that virus would affect the animals. Usually, for such purposes doctors use mice. The result of such researches lies in the fact that new kinds of medicines appear. Later they can be used to save people who suffer from these viruses.

The other situation is when scientists have to work in some dangerous areas (ocean depth, cold weather, etc). It is possible to use animals as pioneers in order to save the scientists’ lives so that they could continue to work on their discoveries.

Of course, we have to mind the opinion of every person. Some of them are fighting against the use of animals in scientific researches. I do not reject the fact that it is really heart-breaking to see killed animals. But could you answer the question: “If not animals, then who can take part in these experiments?” They are necessary and should be conducted.

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Checked: 16 Jan 2018
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