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Rich Countries and Their Impact on Nature and Environment

The development of human civilization is moving forward at a high speed, and the amount of scientific, technical and other discoveries is growing bigger and bigger every century. Unfortunately, the progress of human race in terms of this development has a flip side of the coin, which is harmful influence upon the natural world of the planet.

Sometimes in a chase of a new “gold mine” that can be found after this or that discovery or invention, we underestimate the impact it has on the environment. From the very beginning of scientific-technical revolution, there have been a lot of situations, when scientists and businessmen turned a blind eye to the consequences of creating another chemical or machine building plant or inventing cheaper way to produce plastic goods. The thirst for money and benefits wins over careful and respected attitude to the environment, and it results in air and water pollution, terminating forests and other actions, that can move us one step closer to wiping life off the face of the planet. Recently the world community had a chance to see with their own eyes how this can end up. I mean BP tragedy and impact it had on the natural balance of the planet.

I think that the countries owning the objects of naturally dangerous industry should pay some extra fee, which should be considerable enough to support researches and actions to cope with the consequences of such industry. Usually, these countries are rich enough to do that. But there should be a very strict division: the country must own the object or the object is just situated there. So, for instance, if a chemical plant, located in China belongs, let us say, to the UK, it is the UK that should pay the fee.

The fee is a must in our situation. Otherwise, we are close enough to destroying the planet we are living on.

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Checked: 18 Jan 2018
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