The True Sexual Morality is a book written by Daniel Heimbach with the main purpose of illuminating the sexual culture in the church. The book serves to address three main purposes within the society. First, it seeks to identify ways in which our churches and society are getting into a sexual chaos. It also seeks to motivate believers on the importance of regaining and teaching biblical standards in regards to sexual morality. Finally, the book serves the purpose of teaching Christians on ways of identifying and opposing fake to biblical sexuality.

Chapter 16 of the book is: WHAT IS GOING ON? The chapter shall be discussed and summarized in this paper. According to the chapter, biblical values of sexual ethics are being destabilized and confronted in the society. According to the chapter, there are infiltrations by the ancient pagan views into the component of the social life of the church. What is currently going on in the church is uncalled for and unfortunate. Churches have turned into dens of promoting and endorsing satanic and pagan’s way of life.

The Bible is no-longer used by believers as a consultation tool for sexual matters. People have totally changed their lives to the negative. According to the author, ‘good sex is so hard get right’. The church is full of people who do not practice Christianity, therefore corrupting the morals of those who practice the religion. With the modern technological advancements, the society sexual culture of the society has been corrupted. For instance it is now difficult to find the right sex because people are now resolving to watching pornography and masturbating. A big number of Christian church goers are experiencing challenges of stopping the act of masturbation and watching pornography. This makes it hard for believers to get the right sex.

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The author drives home a number of points which needs to be stressed in the sexual culture of the church. Daniel argues that evading bad sexual deeds forbidden by the Bible is never sufficient. Instead, couples should seek to accomplish God’s plan for ethical sex. If believers respect and abide by the design of God’s moral sex, God promises them profound and abiding joy. Daniel affirms that obedience to the right sexual morals is a sure avenue to receiving deep satisfaction in the sexual relationships by couples. The right deeds affect the couple’s sense of well-being, personal completion, and contentment.

In the same chapter, Daniel drives home the point that diverse explanations of immoral sex emanates from the psychiatric society. A lot of them advise people that pleasing the sexual urge in not essential for beneficial reasons. In this situation, the advice is either moral or wicked but depends on the situation such as mental health wants and personal growth. The professionals believe that the biblical principles are damaging and risky to the development of human beings and their potential.

Daniel goes ahead to confirm that Christians should recognize the importance and power of sexual drive and should not shy away from confronting such related issues with confidence and boldness in the power of God’s Word. He notes that Sex is a strategic tool used by Satan to seduce people away from God and His love for humanity. People must appreciate the fact that if God is wrong about sex, then he is wrong about everything. In a nutshell, the chapter appreciates that the society is going in the wrong direction and that it is impossible to find the right sex at the moment. However, Daniel provides a remedy to the problem by advising people to respect the Word of God.