Sure, before you start writing an expository essay, you need to know what is meant by this type of work, right? By “exposition” we understand a communication that is conducted in a form of speech or writing. Consequently, one might say that an expository essay is a piece of prose paper that explains the idea of a specific topic and delivers it to the reader in a precise text material.

This type of paper cannot exist without your own points of view on the topic you do a research on. This way, when we write expository essay, we focus on the specific topic and look for the examples to prove some points, which is usually not accompanied with a deep research as it is required in others types of essays.

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Now when you know the basic characteristics of an expository essay, it’s time to proceed with all the tricks hidden in the process of writing it.

Use this five-paragraph approach on the way to a successful expository essay!

Let us mention that the special characteristic of your expository essay is a five-paragraph approach. This is a key and the so-called formula that is used to write an essay of the kind.

So, these five paragraphs are the following:

1. Introduction. A paragraph that opens your essay.
2. Main body. It must contain three body paragraphs with the main focus and examples.
3. Conclusion. A paragraph that sums up the thoughts you were given in the main bodies of your essay.

5 signs to recognize that your essay is expository. Or not! Find them all in your essay!

How can you manage to find out that the essay you have just written is an expository one or not? There are 5 simple but true signs that indicate you have completed the work you have been asked.

So, here we are with our 5 signs to check out that your essay is truly expository:

1) Your expository essay includes 5 paragraphs – not more, not less.
2) An essay has a clear thesis or controlling idea that confirms the main focus.
3) There are some informative or analytic points illustrated by the particular body paragraphs.
4) All 5 paragraphs are connected with a smooth transitions.
5) It has a conclusion. Always. This conclusion highlights the main focus and sums up the whole paper in terms of the essay’s body.

Creativity is never a waste of time! Your expository essay may have it too!

It seems that creativity is an absolutely redundant thing for such types of works like essays. From the one hand it is so, but what it looks like from the other? Just imagine your professor sitting at the table or in the chair after a long and hard day of classes, wearing glasses and reading the same like essays. “Same like” in terms of outlining the ideas. Why not risk and try to write the same information you found on the topic, but shape it in absolutely different manner, more interesting. Let’s say, generate the subjects to the main bodies with an intrigue fact. Sure, nobody can predict the reaction of your professor but it can’t be denied – an essay written some kind differently from others will be remembered.